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LifeTime Chimneys LLC is proud to service the Milwaukee Metro area with a variety of Wisconsin chimney services from our skilled Waukesha chimney repair and Milwaukee chimney sweep specialists. LifeTime Chimneys' Kensoa chimney sweep services and Milwaukee chimney repair services are handled with the utmost quality and highest skill level available. LifeTime Chimneys' vast number of services include, but are not limited to, chimney waterproofing, chimney cap installation, and fireplace makeovers. Certified and trained by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, our family owned and operated team is the best Milwaukee chimney repair specialists in Southeastern Wisconsin. At LifeTime Chimneys, you are treated with old-fashioned honesty and integrity coupled with high-quality Milwaukee chimney services offered by the best chimney specialists in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, or Waukesha County. Call LifeTime Chimneys at 262.377.4066 for complete, first-class Milwaukee chimney repair service.

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Solve Smoke Problems - Solve your Milwaukee fireplace smell and smoke leaking issues with an Exhausto Smoke Ventilation system from Lifetime Chimneys. The high quality Exhausto fanin mounted to the top of your chimney, creating an excellent smoke and smell removal system.

Stop Water Leaks - Fix your Milwaukee chimney leak issues by having Lifetime Chimneys install a high quality ForeverFlex™ stainless steel chimney liner in your chimney’s flue. These water and air tight Waukesha chimney liners stop moisture intrusion and protect your flue from water condensation resulting from naturally rising heat.

Reline Chimneys - Fix your leaky, damaged, or cracked Waukesha chimney flue by installing a high quality chimney liner from Lifetime Chimneys. Our Waukesha chimney relining professionals will install a durable ForeverFlex™ chimney liner, guaranteed to provide years of use and protection for your Milwaukee chimney.

Install Chimney Caps & Screens - Lifetime Chimneys will install a high quality Milwaukee chimney cap and screen system in your home chimney system. Our Waukesha chimney caps and screens keep leaves, birds, squirrels and other pests and litter out of your chimney, keeping your Kenosha chimney flue open and unblocked.

Damper Repair - Keep the wind from blowing down your chimney and keep your home’s warmth from escaping with a durable Milwaukee chimney damper from Lifetime Chimneys. A Waukesha chimney damper from Lifetime Chimneys can keep your home warm and your utility bills low year round.

Color Matching Tuckpointing - Lifetime Chimneys takes pride in providing aesthetically appealing and color-matching Waukesha chimney tuckpointing services. Our Milwaukee chimney tuckpointing service consists ofremoving all damaged and deteriorating mortarand repacking your bricks with mortar matching the original color.

Waterproofing - Lifetime Chimneys offers Milwaukee chimney waterproofing, a service intended to keep your chimney in good condition and make your chimney’s mortar last for a long, long time.

Flashing Repair - Stop water intrusion and Milwaukee chimney leak issues by having your Waukesha chimney flashing repaired by Lifetime Chimneys. Our Milwaukee chimney flashing repair experts will install high quality flashing designed to keep warmth in and water out.

Tear Down & Rebuild Chimneys - Lifetime Chimneys Milwaukee chimney rebuilding experts will completely rebuild your damaged and worn chimney by installing new brick, performing Waukesha chimney tuckpointing and applying a new Milwaukee chimney crown.

Fireplace Makeovers - Milwaukee fireplace makeovers from Lifetime Chimneys are perfect for taking an aging, dangerous fireplace and updating it with modern equipment and systems, providing your family with the perfect Waukesha chimney they need.

Heat Efficient Fireplaces - Milwaukee heat efficient fireplaces from Lifetime Chimneys are perfect for heating your home while keeping your utility bills low.

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Milwaukee chimney services offered by LifeTime Chimneys will keep your chimney in great condition, call 262.377.4066 today!
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