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Experts Tear Down and Rebuild Your Chimney

Lifetime Chimneys Milwaukee chimney rebuilding experts will completely rebuild your damaged and worn chimney by installing new brick, performing Waukesha chimney tuckpointing and applying a new Milwaukee chimney crown.
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Stop Leaks with Chimney Religning

Fix your leaky, damaged, or cracked Waukesha chimney flue by installing a high quality chimney liner from Lifetime Chimneys. Our Waukesha chimney relining professionals will install a durable ForeverFlex™ chimney liner, guaranteed to provide years of use and protection for your Milwaukee chimney.
Chimney Cleaning
New chimney

Nationally Certified Chimney Sweeping

We will send a nationally certified chimney sweep to your
house. Drop cloths will be placed in front of the fireplace or
stove to prevent soot from staining the carpeting. A large
industrial vacuum with not one but thee motors will be
used to prevent air born dust from entering into you home.
In most case only two motors are need but the third motor is
available if additional suction is needed. A chimney top
inspection will be performed if it can be accessed from a 32
ft. extension ladder. 

If any damage is found, a picture will
be taken for your review. The entire length of the flue and
smoke chamber will be swept. The smoke shelf and firebox
will be brushed and vacuumed. The flue will be scanned
with a camera for possible cracks, missing tiles and/or
missing mortar between the joints. If any problems are
found, you will not have to take our word for it. You will be
able to view the entire scanning process on a color monitor.

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