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Here are some commonly asked queries related to chimneys. If you have any further queries, call Lifetime Chimneys LLC at 262-377-4066.

How often should my chimney be swept?
  • The National Fire Protection Association states that a chimney shall be inspected and cleaned if necessary at least one a year.
  • Wood stoves, fireplace inserts, and wood furnaces will need to be swept at least once a year.
  • If you use your fireplace 4 or 5 times a week during the winter months, it should be swept yearly. If you burn less often you may be able to go for 2 or 3 years between sweepings.
  • Chimneys used to vent oil appliances typically need to be swept every year.
  • Gas chimneys usually do not need to be swept but should be inspected annually for structural deterioration.
How much do you charge for a chimney cleaning?
  • We will send a nationally certified Milwaukee chimney sweep to your house. Drop cloths will be placed in front of the fireplace or stove to prevent soot from staining the carpeting. 
  • A large industrial vacuum with not one but three motors will be used to prevent airborne dust from entering into your home. In most cases, only two motors are needed, but the third motor is available if additional suction is needed. 
  • A chimney top inspection will be performed if it can be accessed from a 32 ft. extension ladder. If any damage is found, a picture will be taken for your review. The entire length of the flue and smoke chamber will be swept. 
  • The smoke shelf and firebox will be brushed and vacuumed. The flue will be scanned with a camera for possible cracks, missing tiles and / or missing mortar between the joints. If any problems are found, you will not have to take our word for it. You will be able to view the entire scanning process on a color monitor. Call our office for a quote.

We are buying / selling a home and would like an estimate to fix the chimney and / or fireplace as indicated on the inspection report.
  • There will be a $99 trip charge that can be applied toward the cost of any future repair.
  • Our motto is "Old-fashioned honesty, integrity - hi-tech quality". Keeping in tandem with that promise, our estimate will include the needed repair done with accepted construction practices and will also include the additional work needed to correct the root cause of the deterioration. We will not suggest or do cosmetic repairs that just hides the problems from the potential buyer.
  • If you would like us to video scan the chimney and take pictures of any defects that are found, the fee for that is $249 collected in advance, instead of the $99 trip charge.
  • If you want a written inspection report, we will do a complete NFPA 211 Level II report. We will inspect the chimneys inside and out. The interior of each flue will be scanned with a hi-tech video system. Any damage or defects found will be documented in a written report with color pictures. The fee for this is $299. Please allow two business days to complete the report. Fees are payable in advance.
  • We meet with several customers each day and are unable to give you a precise time of arrival, but we can give you a window of time in which we will arrive. If someone is meeting us at the location, provide us with the phone number of this person so that we can call half an hour before arrival.
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